Thứ Tư, 29 tháng 6, 2011


Our group split up at this point as half of us wanted to go to Dalat and do some of the adventure activities whereas myself, Lisa and Katie fancied heading to Nha Trang to have some beach time and nightlife as we are doing more adventure activities in South America! The coach journey was a bit of a nightmare as the bus was mainly full of very noisy Vietnamese people who persisted on talking really louydly on their phones throughout the hourney which meant we were unable to nap! Bad times! However, i was really excited when i arrived in Nha Trang as it looked buzzing and was a lot bigger than i expected! We booked into Backpackers hostel which is definatly THE place to stay when travelling there! It was full of people, we got a free drink and breakfast on arrival and it was really clean with amazing air conditioning! And all for $7 which was quite good!
We secided to head straight out, so we got our free beer and headed on our merry little way! :) The nightlife in Nha Trang is really good, i was really impre4ssed!The first bar we stumbled into had on offer THE biggest bucket i have ever seen called ‘The God Bucket’, I felt a bit overwhelmed by this so decided on a normal bucket for starters! Which was pretty strong! Then we found THE best bar ever! It was called ‘Booze Cruise’ and had the most fun and friendluy staff i have come across! The ladies there were so welcoming and fun they couldnt do enough for us! We spent the whole night being given free shots, mojito’s and playing jenga and connect four with the staff! By this point we were pretty tanked up and i was coerced into singing karaoke in front of the whole bar! They literally couldnt get enough!haha! I got pretty into towards the end and felt like i was really working the crowd (well if u can call 5 staff members and Katie and Lisa a crowd). We then convinced the bar staff to come onto a nightclub with us on the beach! I literally had the best night of my life! We ended up meeting all these different people, in the end i was sat with two swedish boys from Stockholm doing impressions and only realised the club was closed when the sun started to come up and we realised the cleaner had been in, done his work and was now asleep on a bench outside of the club! I then decided it was time for me to go home! When i got back Katie was passed out over her bed fully dressed so i got her undressed and into bed! However when i woke up in the mroning there was some irish duded that she had been chatting to spooning her! At the time i was too drunk to deal with the situation as they both looked quite content and perfectly happy wioth the situation! However in the morning (i say morining i really mean 2pm) , he didnt seem to want to leave our room through all of our subtle and not so subtle hints! So we let him escort us to the beach and then ditched him at the first oppourtunity!Mean but it had to be done!
We spent the next day (well the last 3 hours of sunlight) on the beach and then found the best food of my life!haha! We went to a vietnamese restatuarnt near the beach and had squid in black pepper!It was BEAUTIFUL! mouth watering! And right next door to an ice cream shop!My dream! They had snickers flavour icecream so basically my day was complete! We went out again the next night, expecting a quieter one! However, that never really happens where we are concerned! So we went back to Booze Cruise and sat with the girls until 2am drinking buckets, shots and mojitos and playing jenga! Fun Fun!
The next day wemt on a snorkelling boat trip the next day and suprisingly i did not feel that worse fopr wear! The trip was alot better than i thought it was going to be! We got to snorkell around this amazing reef full of beautiful colourful fish! I even found a piece of coral washed up on shore which i now have as a keep sake! Then back on the boat we had this amazig buffet of Vietnamese food!It was wonderful! To top it all off they had a floating happy hour which consuisted of us floating around in the sea in rubber rings with a man in a bigger rubber ring (his ‘bar’) handing out a weird concoction of god knows what! But it was really fun! We met up with the rest of the guys that night when they returned from Dalat!

Vietnam Tours:
Da Nang- Hue – Hoi An – My Son – 4 days – 104 USD
Best of The Central – 4 days – 153 USD

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