Thứ Sáu, 19 tháng 11, 2010


Let your stomach lead the way to Asia’s most delightful smorgasbord of fragrant herbs and spices, tropical fruits, crisp green vegetables and fresh peppers. From dawn until dusk, devour the inimitable tastes and experience the extraordinary culture found in this exotic corner of the world. The journey here will leave an impression that will make you crave for more. Chinese takeout noodles and fried rice will never taste as exhilarating as dining in a Vietnamese café or enjoying your own hand-made spring rolls.

With the widespread interest in celebrity chefs plus our growing affection for eating, it’s no secret that culinary travel is sweeping the tourism industry by land and sea. In fact, more leisure travelers are picking destinations based on food and/or wine interests. Just imagine, what would a trip to Italy be without the fine wines of Tuscany or sweet cannolis? Or a Spanish vacation without the bursting, sensational flavors of tapas, deep-fried churros and paella?

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