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Harsh life in a gentle river setting

In the high-tide season, a lot of people flock to the Mekong Delta not only to drift on the swollen rivers but to know more of the hardships and the lifestyle of people in the Delta.
Foreign tourists on a boat trip to the Cai Rang floating river in Can Tho City.
Not boasting clear, blue water, the rivers of the Mekong Delta are a humble dark red year round. The build-up of alluvium from way upstream enters the Delta and gives the waters here their special color. While tourists like floating on rivers to relax and forget daily worries, the rivers are house and a working place for residents.
On vacation, tourists are keen to discover new things in new places, so they are excited to take photos of boatmen, sellers on floating markets or residents washing clothes and dishes or cooking in riverside-houses or in boat houses. However, all these activities tell them that those are poor people with unlucky fates as they have no house on solid land but live on a boat. Every day, before sunrise, the boats, some from far-away places, drift to the floating market to sell products.
When the sun rises high at mid-day, tourists find a restaurant to have lunch as well as to flee the scorching heat, but the floating sellers still row under the sun with their tired advertising cries.
Mekong Delta tours visit romantic canals shaded by endless groves of coconut trees or mangroves and wonderful orchards. These canals link to various branches of the great river and make for relaxing boat trips. The experience of drifting on the canals is so great that many tourists forget their troubles in the peace and quiet... Read more

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