Thứ Sáu, 3 tháng 12, 2010

Sleep by fire, wake up in mist

The nights in Lam Dong province are getting cooler with a bit more rainfall but the falling temperatures are not the only topic on the lips of travelers to the Central Highlands province. The amazing mists and warm camp fires are very often talked about.
Have you ever slept in a tent by a fire at night? Camping out beside picturesque Tuyen Lam Lake is a memorable experience.
Nam Qua Camping Site is one of the accommodation options for visitors to the lake who traveled by boat from the main wharf or trekked the hilly 10 kilometers to spend the night. At the campsite a fire is lit for them to dance around after they eat some of the local specialties.
After dinner comes supper. Fresh sweet potato and corn cobs are placed by the fire for dancers to grill for starters before the pigs are roasted and served with cups of rice wine.
Dancing, meals and singing are not all the camping site offers, as visitors will wake up to find themselves enveloped in thick mist. Clouds of mist drift around, rippling the surface of the Lake and then flying through pine trees on the hills.
Experience is better than words. Try a night by a fire and hide in the mist in the morning by Tuyen Lam Lake near Dalat City, and then you will realize that there are more things to do at the lake than just boat tours.....Read more

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